Step - 3

Quick and easy way to find someone near you using search by city/location. Advanced criteria allows you to narrow search results to find that Special Someone.

Premium member's profiles are displayed on First Priority with Numinous Diamond members being on priority with bold listing. Numinous Gold and Numinous Silver members followed last by free members. Members who log-in on regular basis are promoted by us. Although paid members are ranked higher than the free members.

Quick Search - will give you listings who match your age range and location.

Profile ID Search - will give you that particular member's profile.

Occupation Search - will give you results entered by your choice of profession.

Favourite List & Block List

When looking at search results, listings, and other member's profiles, you can see the button "Add to Favorite". Clicking on this will do exactly what it says. Your favorite list is a list of members that you are interested in. You can come back and view them later. It keeps a link to their page and remembers the last time you sent them an email. Similarly, you can block any members that you'd prefer not to hear from, by clicking on button "Block this Member".